GatorLink, Gator 1, UFID and ONE.UF


When you first applied to UF, you were given a UF identification number (UFID), which will always remain your student identification. This number is the primary way to identify you in all university records and transactions. If you are an applicant to UF and do not know your UFID, please contact the Office of Admissions at 352-392-1365 for assistance. If you are a former student and have forgotten your UFID, call the Registrar's Office at 352-392-1374 for assistance or Contact Us. After 5 p.m. EST or on weekends, call the UF Computing Help Desk at 352-392-4357 (392-HELP).


When you were admitted to the university, you were asked to create a GatorLink account. Gatorlink is your computer identity (username and password) at the university. It creates your email address, where official university communications are sent.

GatorLink also gives you a variety of campus computing services, such as email and dialup. The GatorLink dialup service comes at a flat rate of $5 per month for 3,600 minutes (60 hours) of local use. Most campus services require a GatorLink signon, including ONE.UF, Blackboard, computer lab and network connections, print services, online training and the download of university-licensed software.

Gator 1

When you enrolled in classes, you were asked to get a student ID, known as a Gator 1 card. Gator 1 includes your picture, your status (student, faculty, staff) and your UFID number. Your Gator 1 card gives you access to campus libraries, computer labs, vending, dining services, and more.


With your GatorLink username and password, you can logon to ONE.UF, the ONE.UF. ONE.UF is the university's secure web site and your gateway to

  • Address changes
  • Course descriptions
  • Course registration
  • Degree applications
  • Degree audits
  • Degree shopping
  • Federal loan interviews
  • Fee payments
  • Financial aid
  • Grades
  • Holds
  • Schedule adjustment (drop/add)
  • Textbook information
  • Transcripts
  • Your class schedule
  • Your directory information

ONE.UF is available from 7:00 a.m. through 3:00 a.m., Monday through Saturday, and 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 a.m. Sunday (Eastern time).