Important Summer 2013 Dates

This is it. Your last term! Make sure you are prepared to graduate. There are numerous obligations and deadlines required to complete your academic and financial obligations.

Apply for Degree
Summer A — By May 15
Summer B/C — By July 3
Order Regalia
All terms — By July 5
Special Accommodations for Visual or Hearing Impaired Graduating Students
July 19
Pick Up Regalia
All terms — August 5-9 (Gator1 card required)
Purchase Honors Cords
All terms — August 5-10
Refund of Regalia Rental Fee
All terms — August 2
Classes End
Summer A — June 21
Summer B/C — August 9
All terms — August 9-10
Refer to schedule for college assignment
Return Regalia
All terms — August 11 by 5:00 p.m.
Grades Available
Summer A — June 26 on ISIS
Summer B/C — August 14 on ISIS
Diplomas Mailed
Summer A — Middle of September
Summer B/C — End of October
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