Summer Commencement Instructions

Attendance at commencement is optional. There is no rehearsal, so please refer to this information and share it with your guests.

Please, be on time. Candidates should arrive promptly at the time specified for assembly and be wearing their caps and gowns. Men should wear dark trousers and dark shoes. Women should wear dark clothing and dark shoes. Coats and jackets are not recommended. Please do not carry such items as purses, backpacks or helmets; there is no place to store them. Candidates who arrive late must march at the end of the procession. Once the procession has begun, there is no opportunity to join your group.

Seating: General admission seating is on a first-come, first-served basis. No guests are permitted in the degree candidates' seating area. Commencement protocol does not permit seating of guests during the processional; late arrivals must wait to be seated until the processional ends.

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Name Scanning Card and Regalia

A name scanning card and your regalia can be picked up at the UF Bookstore the week immediately preceding commencement. All candidates should arrive at the O'Connell Center for the ceremony with their name scanning card and dressed in their cap and gown.

Name Scanning Card Name Scanning Card

When you pick up your regalia at the Bookstore, you will be given a name scanning card. This card is very important and will allow you easy entrance into the O'Connell Center. Please bring it with you to commencement and do not mutilate, fold, or damage this card in any way. Before arriving at the O'Connell Center, please complete the front and back of the card. You will retain this card until you are ready to be individually recognized on the platform during the ceremony. When you reach the platform, a marshal will take your card, scan your name into a computer, and then pass your card to a name reader. When it is time for your name to be called, you will be directed to begin walking across the stage.

Doctoral Candidates

Please complete the front and back of the name scanning card before arriving at the O'Connell Center with your name, the name of your faculty escort (if applicable) and pronunciation guidance (if needed). The names will be read from the card over the public address system, and your name will appear on large screens in the O'Connell Center. More Information for Doctoral Candidates

Masters, Specialist and Undergraduate Candidates

We appreciate your help to pilot a new name scanning card system during your commencement ceremony. Please complete the front and back of the name scanning card received with your regalia from the UF Bookstore. Bring this completed card with you to the O'Connell Center. This card will be used to collect the phonetic spelling of your name to assure the correct pronunciation of your name during the ceremony. In the future, based on the success of this pilot, these cards will result in a display of future graduates' names on monitors in the O'Connell Center. Your participation in our pilot will be extremely helpful. More Information About Name Pronunciation


All participants should arrive at the ceremony dressed in their cap and gown. The academic mortarboard must be worn during the processional and when standing; you may remove it while you are seated. Men should remove their caps during the National Anthem and university's alma mater.

Candidates for a baccalaureate degree place the tassel on the right side of the mortarboard until the degree is conferred; tassels are moved to the left side when the degree is conferred.

All other degree candidates place the tassel on the left side of the mortarboard, where it will remain.

Assembly Times

Assembly and Processional