Ordering Academic Regalia

Caps, Gowns and Hoods

All participants in the ceremony wear a university-approved cap and gown, which can be reserved from the University Bookstore. The deadline to order regalia for summer graduation is July 1.

Tossing of the caps

All caps and gowns are black, and candidates for advanced degrees also wear hoods. All candidates pick up their caps and gowns at the bookstore and wear them to the ceremony.

Students receiving specialist, engineer and master's degrees will receive their hoods when they pick up their regalia and should wear their hoods to the ceremony.

Doctoral degree candidates (Ph.D., Au.D., D.P.M., D.P.T., D.N.P, Ed.D) will not receive their hoods when they pick up their regalia. These hoods are delivered by the bookstore to the commencement location so that doctoral candidates can be hooded during the ceremony when they cross the stage.

You must provide your height, weight and gender when you place your order. The rental fee is due when the order is placed, and it is refundable until August 1.

Picking up Regalia

Regalia ordered by July 1 is available for pick up August 4-9. (Your Gator1 ID card is required). Someone else can collect your regalia if they provide your Gator1 card.

Returning Regalia

Academic regalia must be returned to the University Bookstore after the ceremony and no later than 5 p.m. on August 11. After that, you will be subject to a late fee of $5 per day, with a $25 maximum penalty.

Purchasing Honors Cords

Graduates all wearing cords

Undergraduate degree candidates may purchase honors cords to recognize their graduation with honors. Three honors distinctions are available: cum laude (with honors – $14.88), magna cum laude (with high honors – $29.75) or summa cum laude (with highest honors – $44.63). Prices do not include applicable sales tax.

The cords, which are optional, can also be purchased at the University Bookstore beginning August 4. You can purchase cords only for the level of honors recommended by your college and provided to the bookstore. If your honors status changes to a higher level at final degree certification, you can return to the bookstore August 5-9 to purchase additional cords.


Tassel colors are specific to your college. A complimentary tassel is provided with your cap and gown. Information on the placement of the tassel on the mortarboard is included in the commencement instructions.

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