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Nondegree Students

Nondegree students are subject to the following restrictions:

  • Nondegree students must meet state of Florida immunization requirements.
  • Course enrollment requires the approval of the college at the beginning of each term. The college of enrollment has the authority to terminate a nondegree enrollment before registration for any term. Generally, nondegree registration is for one term only.
  • Registration is not permitted until the last two days of the drop/add period and must be completed by the last day of late registration; failure to register by that deadline will result in a late registration fee.
  • The same grading system is applicable to degree and nondegree students. Nondegree credit is not applicable to a UF degree except by subsequent admission to degree status and successful petition for application of such credit. Authorization to enroll as a nondegree student in no way implies future approval for admission as a degree-seeking student.
  • Nondegree enrollment status will be denied to any student under suspension/dismissal from a postsecondary institution or not in good standing at any institution previously enrolled, including UF, even if the student has subsequently attended another institution. Nondegree students are subject to other regulations and restrictions imposed by the college or department in which they wish to enroll.
  • Nondegree students taking courses at the university will be required to register for and to attend classes under the university calendar. Nondegree students must pay appropriate UF fees based on course level, number of credits and residency status.

Nondegree Application