Frequently Asked Questions

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Address Change
Q. How long does it take to change my address with the Office of the University Registrar?
A. Address changes can take effect overnight if done online. You should update your directory information as often as you need to, including your local and permanent mailing addresses and phone numbers. Written requests sent to the registrar's office can take three-to-five working days.

Q. I'm going to have a temporary address this term. Can I submit a forwarding order to the post office to receive my university mail?
A. In order to protect the confidentiality of your student record, the university will not allow the post office to forward mail to an address other than the one on your directory file. Simply change your address info whenever any information changes.

Course Adds
Q. Can I add a class after drop/add has ended?
A. Yes. Undergraduates should contact their college advising office, and graduate students should contact their major department for assistance.

Auditing a Class
Q. How do I audit a class and what is the deadline for submitting an audit form?
A. Audit forms are available online. The form should be completed and submitted to the registrar's office by the drop/add deadline. Refer to the academic calendar for specific deadlines. Fees are paid on ONE.UF.

Q. I need something to prove I am a full time student. How can I verify this?
A. The University of Florida has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse to provide enrollment verification certificates for currently enrolled students. The form identifies the student's name, anticipated graduation date, dates of current term and enrollment status.

  • The National Student Clearinghouse provides instant enrollment verifications at no charge for currently enrolled students.
  • Requests to the Registrar's Office can be made in person at 222 Criser Hall if a student presents a picture ID such as the Gator 1 Card. The request will be processed while the student waits.

Enrollment verifications are available after drop/add for currently enrolled students. UF cannot certify enrollment for future terms, but the university can provide an intent to attend statement based on the student's advance registration.

Class Locations
Q. I can't locate my class. Where did it go?
A. There may have been a change in time or room location for the section. Check the schedule of courses for updated information or contact the department offering the course.

DEPX (Department-controlled Sections)
Q. How do I register for a DEPX section?
A. Contact the department offering the course to find out about if there are any registration restrictions. Departments will help you register for the section if you are eligible.

Q. I've been dismissed for poor academic performance. What do I do?
A. Contact your college academic adviser for assistance. Then you must apply for and be approved for readmission. Contact Readmissions at 352-392-1365, or come to 201 Criser Hall to speak with a readmissions counselor.

Q. Can I get an earlier drop/add time?
A. In general, drop/add times are assigned based on a priority system. Students who have the fewest number of credit hours in registration have the earliest drop/add times. In the interest of fairness and to maintain the integrity of the system, we are not able to change drop/add times.

Q. I adjusted my schedule during my drop/add assigned time and now One UF has given me a later assigned time. What happened?
A. During the first three days of the drop/add period, schedule adjustment is organized by appointment times based on your current registration. When you adjust your schedule and log out of ONE.UF, the system reassigns a time based on your new registration.

Q. What do I need to do to drop a course?
A. After drop/add is over, undergraduate students should contact their college, and graduate students should contact their major department.

Q. Which dean must process my drop/add?
A. The dean or designee of your college must give the authorization to drop a course. Graduate students need authorization from their graduate department.

Q. If I have already used my allotted number of drops, can I still drop a class?
A. You must talk with an adviser in the dean's office of your college to receive authorization to drop any class. The college sets the number of drops that you can have while enrolled at UF, as well as any procedures to petition additional drops.

Employee Education Program
Q. I am a UF employee and want to take classes. What do I need to do and how do I find out if the classes are covered?
A. Employees must complete the employee education program application and obtain the required approvals. Applications, instructions and course eligibility information are available from Human Resources Services. Review program requirements and fill out all necessary forms.

In addition to the Employee Education Program form, non-degree participants must also complete the non-degree registration form, which will be available after November 1. The completed forms must be submitted to the Office of the University Registrar in 222 Criser Hall no later than 5:00 p.m. on the last day of the drop/add to receive a registration time. Forms may be submitted at any time prior to the start of the term. They may also be faxed to 352-846-1126. Forms not received by 5:00 p.m. on the last day of drop/add will not be accepted and students will be fee liable for these courses. The registrar's office will submit an approved copy of the application to University Bursar (108 Criser) no later than the fee payment deadline for the appropriate term.

General Education Requirements
Q. Why didn't this transfer course count toward one of my general education requirements?
A. Contact your college or the Academic Advising Center to discuss this concern. Individual colleges determine how courses will be applied to meet general education and graduation requirements. The college advising office will make adjustments to the degree audit if changes are warranted.

Q. Why didn't I get my grades in the mail?
A. Grades are no longer mailed. "Grades are available on the unofficial transcript from ONE.UF on the late Tuesday evening after commencement, and on the official transcript the Wednesday after commencement. A financial hold can prevent viewing your grades.

Q. Why did I get an NG, an I or an N* grade in a course?
A. The course instructor assigns incomplete (I) grades. A grade of N* or NG indicates that the instructor has not submitted a grade. In both cases, please contact the instructor or the department office in which the course is offered to find out how to correct the grade.

Q. How can I find out if a grade change was completed?
A. Grade changes take time. After a professor initiates an official grade change, it is forwarded for department and college approval. Then the registrar's office makes the changes on your record. The registrar's office will notify you by mail once the grade change is processed. You can also verify your grade change by viewing your transcript on ONE.UF. The time frame can be clarified with your instructor's department.

Q. I need to waive the summer school enrollment requirement. Can you help me?
A. Students who enter a state university in Florida with fewer than 60 credits must earn at least nine credits before graduation during summer terms at State University System (SUS) institutions. However, students who earn six credits through UF-sponsored, UF exchange or approved SUS study-abroad programs during one or two summer terms completely satisfy the summer-term enrollment requirement. In addition, credits earned through any of the study-abroad programs approved by UF during a summer term count toward satisfaction of the summer-term enrollment requirement. Students can petition the University Petitions Committee if they feel they have circumstances that justify waiver of this requirement.

Q. How do I apply to graduate?
A. Complete the online degree application on ONE.UF by the deadline (from the left menu, go to My Record > Degree Application). After the deadline, you will receive an email confirmation of receipt of your application. The confirmation includes information on how to verify your name and degree on ONE.UF. Information about ordering commencement regalia is also included.

Q. How can I find out if a hold has been placed on my account?
A. Information on holds is available on ONE.UF.

Label/List/Statistical Requests
Q. How can I get a list of new freshmen?
A. Students and student organizations who want statistical information, lists or labels for student populations must contact the Division of Student Affairs, 155 Tigert Hall, 392-1265. Once approved, the request will be processed and you will be notified.

University of Florida personnel can request lists, labels or statistical information by submitting a request with the Registrar's Office, 392-1374.

Outside vendors and businesses that want labels must contact 392-1361.

Late Charges
Q. Where can I petition the charges for late registration or late payment of fees?
A. Late registration fees are petitioned in the Office of the University Registrar. Complete the petition to waive late registration fee and submit it along with appropriate documentation to 222 Criser for review. Results should be available within five-to-seven working days.

For waiver of late payment fee, please contact University Bursar in 113 Criser for petition information and procedures.

Q. I need to change my major. Where do I get the forms?
A. The Office of the University Registrar does not process major changes or have the forms to do so. If the major change is within your current college, please see the adviser in the dean's office to process your request.

If the major is offered in another college, please contact the adviser in the dean's office offering the major. They will handle the necessary paperwork and advise you of requirements.

Q. How do I add a minor?
A. Print the application to add a minor, complete it and obtain the signatures of both the dean of your college and of the dean of the college offering the minor. Bring the completed form to the Office of the University Registrar in 222 Criser Hall.

Name/Number Changes
Q. How do I change my name and/or social security number on my academic record?
A. Paperwork to change your name or social security number is available at the information counter in 222 Criser Hall. For social security number changes please bring a copy of the social security card. We will contact the Social Security Administration to verify the number. Name changes require a certified copy of the official court document sent directly to us from the certifying office. We will provide the form needed to send to the Clerk of the Court. You can also contact us at 352-392-1374 for information.

Non-degree Status
Q. Do non-degree students need to complete a non-degree registration form each term they attend as a non-degree student? Is there a filing deadline?
A. Yes. An application for non-degree registration is to be used for one term only, so any subsequent term requires college approval. Non-degree registration is generally restricted to the summer terms. Please refer to the undergraduate or graduate catalog for specific information, or contact the college dean's office.

The Office of the University Registrar must receive the approved non-degree form before 5:00 p.m. on the last day of drop/add. This will allow us to process the paperwork and assign a registration time before the close of drop/add, and help the student avoid the $100 late registration fee. Approved forms can be submitted anytime before the term begins.

Students must allow sufficient time to create a GatorLink account that allows access to the registration system. We recommend that completed forms be returned to our office as early as possible.

Q. How do I find out if I have the prerequisites for a class?
A. Check the catalog or talk to the department offering the course to determine any prerequisites, and whether you have met them.

If you are able to register for a class without the appropriate prerequisite, it is your responsibility to correct this and adjust your courses during registration and drop/add as necessary.

Q. I need help with registration.
A. If you need assistance with academic advice, contact your college advising office. For course assistance, contact the department offering the course. For technical help with ONE.UF, please call 392-1374 or come to the Registrar Information Counter in 222 Criser Hall. Honors students can receive assistance at the Honors Office, 140 Tigert Hall.

Q. I need a specific class this semester, but it is full. What can I do?
A. Contact the department offering the course or an academic adviser to explore all options.

Q. My computer is not set up yet and I need to register.
A. Registration requires access to a computer. Any CIRCA lab on campus is available to students for registration.

Q. When is ONE.UF available?
A. In general, operating hours for ONE.UF are 7:00 a.m. to 4:30 a.m. Monday through Saturday and 10:00 a.m. to 4:30 a.m. on Sunday. Check each term's schedule of courses for availability specifically related to registration functions. ONE.UF does have regularly scheduled maintenance that takes functions offline for short periods of time.

Repeat Course Surcharge
Q. What is the Repeat Course Surcharge?
A. By action of the legislature, the State University System implemented a course fee surcharge for undergraduate courses. Any undergraduate course taken at UF three or more times, during or after Fall 1997, will be subject to a repeat course surcharge of 100% of the full cost of instruction. This fee will be calculated annually.

The purpose of this surcharge is to discourage repeating courses unnecessarily. The fee can be petitioned under certain extenuating circumstances. Please contact the petitions area in 222 Criser Hall for clarification. All students, regardless of classification or residency status, will be assessed the fee. Please contact University Bursar in 113 Criser Hall, 392-0181, with billing questions.

Q. How can I change my residency to be considered a Florida resident?
A. A change of residency request is available online or from the Office of the University Registrar. It should be completed and submitted to 222 Criser Hall, along with appropriate documentation. Please place your UFID in the upper right hand corner of each page in the packet.

Q. Can I get a copy of my schedule?
A. Printed copies of your class schedule are available on ONE.UF.

Q. Where do I go for information on my scholarship?
A. To find out if you have been awarded a scholarship, contact Student Financial Affairs in 107 Criser Hall, 392-1275. To find out when your scholarship will be disbursed, contact 113 Criser, 392-0181. If you have been awarded a National Merit Scholarship and have questions, please contact the Honors Office in 343 Infirmary Building, 392-1519.

S/U Option
Q. Can I apply for the S/U (satisfactory/unsatisfactory) option after the deadline?
A. Yes. Forms are available in 222 Criser Hall.

Undergraduate students must petition their college dean's office. Submit an approved college petition summary and action form and the S/U application with all appropriate signatures to the Office of the University Registrar by the last day of classes.

Graduate students must petition the Graduate School in Grinter Hall. Submit the approved S/U option form to the Office of the University Registrar with all appropriate signatures and Graduate School approval.

Q. How many courses can be taken using the S-U Option?
A. Subject to degree program and department guidelines, you can take elective course work using the S/U option for one course each term. This option is in addition to courses that are taught only on an S/U basis.

Tracking - Degree Audit/UT/SASS
Q. What is a SASS Audit?
A. A Student Academic Support System (SASS) audit, also known as a degree audit, is available anytime on ONE.UF or from an academic adviser. The audit lists all curriculum requirements for your major. Critical tracking courses are preceded by the >> symbol on the audit and are highlighted in the catalog.

Q. What is universal tracking?
A. Universal tracking (UT) is an online electronic system that monitors the progress toward graduation for all undergraduate majors. Universal tracking helps students find the best academic path to complete their degree, provides academic advice for choosing the most appropriate major as soon as possible and provides feedback each semester on academic progress. For more info, speak with your academic adviser or refer to universal tracking information.

Q. How many transcripts can I have?
A. Current and former students can obtain a reasonable number of copies of an official transcript for personal use from the web, in person or by mail. However, during peak periods we reserve the right to limit on demand (in person) transcript requests.

You can view and print your unofficial transcript by following the transcript request procedures.

Q. How much do transcripts cost?
A. Current students pay $6.00 per transcript and non-enrolled students pay $12 per transcript.

Q. Can someone else pick up my transcript?
A. Third parties must have documentation (i.e. a notarized letter, release of information, power of attorney) from the person whose transcript they are picking up, stating that they are authorized to obtain the transcript or academic record. They must have a current picture ID when they come to get the transcript and a check payable to the University of Florida for the full amount.

Q. I need a transcript, but I have a hold on my record. Can you give me one today?
A. We can process your request in 222 Criser Hall once the hold has been cleared. If we received your request by mail, we will notify you in writing about the hold and who to contact to clear it. Once the hold has been cleared, we can release your transcript.

Q. How do I order a transcript?
A. Instructions for ordering transcripts are available on Student Self Service in ONE.UF under My Record. For mailed-in requests, a hand-written signature is required to release transcripts.

Transfer Credit
Q. I took classes at another college this summer. Have you received my credits?
A. If you submitted a transcript request with another college, you can review and print your transcript on ONE.UF. If the coursework is not showing, please verify with the other college that your transcript request was processed and sent to the UF Office of Admission. If it has and if it has been at least a month to allow for mailing, processing and review time, you can check on the status in 201 Criser Hall or you can call 352-392-1365, ext. 7155.

Q. Why don't my test scores (AP/IB/SAT/ACT) show up on my transcript?
A. The Office of Admission must receive an original score report from the testing agency (Box 114000, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL 32611-4000). If you have sent scores to us, please contact 201 Criser, 392-1365, to inquire about them.

Tuition Costs
Q. I need an itemized list of my tuition. Where can I get that information?
A. An itemized list of your tuition assessed and paid for terms starting Fall 2008 is available at > My Campus Finances > Tuition Statement. For terms prior to Fall 2008, visit University Bursar customer service in 113 Criser Hall.

An IRS Tax Form 1098-T is produced each January for the immediate prior year showing qualified tuition paid and scholarships/fellowships received. The form is mailed to your permanent address unless you have opted to receive it electronically. Your 1098-T is available for viewing beginning in mid February. Go to > My Campus Finances >View 1098-T.

Q. Where do I go to withdraw from all of my UF classes?
A. Before the drop/add deadline, you can cancel your registration on ONE.UF by dropping all of your courses. To withdraw after drop/add, students should follow the withdrawal procedures before submitting a formal withdrawal. Check the appropriate term's academic calendar for specific deadlines.

Q. Will I receive a refund of my fees?
A. You will receive a full refund of fees if you withdraw by the end of the drop/add period, which generally is the first week of classes.

A student who withdraws after drop/add and during the first 25 percent of the semester will receive a 25 percent refund of registration fees. A 25 percent refund also is granted by specific dates during the summer term(s). Refunds after the 25 percent point in a semester, for reasons other than medical withdrawal, require petition to the University Student Petitions Committee.

Verify the withdrawal deadlines on the appropriate term's academic calendar.

Q. What if my withdrawal was because of my illness or a death in my immediate family?
A. After you have withdrawn from the current term, contact the Dean of Students Office to request a review of your withdrawal for medical reasons. If you need to withdraw from a prior term for medical reasons, contact the Dean of Students Office.

Q. Am I penalized for withdrawing?
A. There is no academic penalty for withdrawing by the specific semester's deadline. Students on academic or admissions probation should check with the appropriate office before withdrawing.

Q. What happens to my grades when I withdraw?
A. The withdrawal date will appear on your transcript; e.g., Withdrew October 1, 2009. In addition to this notation, each course for which you were registered will include a W, a non-punitive grade that does not affect your grade point average.

Q. If I withdraw, can I advance register?
A. Withdrawing typically does not affect your option to advance register. Students who do not enroll at the university for two consecutive terms after withdrawing (including summer), must apply for readmission. It is important to apply for readmission by the deadline. If you have already advance registered, you should cancel that registration if you will not be attending that term.

Writing Requirement (Gordon Rule)
Q. Why didn't I receive writing requirement credit for this course?
A. If the course work is from another institution, please contact the Office of Admission to request a transfer credit evaluation review. If University of Florida course work is not designated as a writing requirement, the instructor should work directly with the department to clarify the course status. Additional information about the writing requirement.

Q. Where can I find out if I have met the writing requirement?
A. Check with an academic adviser, 222 Criser Hall or review your degree audit on ONE.UF.