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Frequently Asked Questions From Parents

Address Changes

How does my son change his address?
If he currently is attending UF, he can log on to my.ufl.edu (My Account then to Update My Directory Profile) and change his address online.

Detailed instructions for current students are available on the registrar website.
Applicants to UF should contact the Office of Admissions at 352-392-1365.

How long does it take to change an address?
Address changes take effect in 24 to 48 hours if submitted correctly. Directory information, which includes local and permanent mailing addresses, phone numbers and Gatorlink email address, should be updated as soon as possible (and as often as needed) after a move.

What about a temporary address? Can we submit a forwarding order to the post office to forward all university mail?
No. To protect the confidentiality of student record information, the Office of the University Registrar does not permit the post office to forward mail to an address other than the one on the directory profile. Students need to change their address info whenever any information changes.

Attending Class

Is my Son or Daughter Attending Class?
UF does not require the monitoring of class attendance, although some instructors do take attendance. This matter is best discussed between you and your son or daughter.

Auditing a Class

Can my daughter audit a class and what is the deadline?
Audit forms are available online. The form is due by the fee payment deadline and can be reviewed and paid from the Financial Services link on Student Self Services on ONE.UF.

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Where can I get accurate graduation and commencement information?
UF commencement information. Future commencement information will also be posted here.

How can I get a copy of my son's diploma?
The graduate must request a duplicate diploma by faxing a signed request to the Registrar's Office at 352-846-1126. The request, which can take 3-5 months, must include:

  • Name - exactly as it should appear on the diploma
  • UFID or social security number
  • Date of birth
  • Degree and year received
  • Reason for the reorder
  • Mailing address
  • Phone number or email contact
  • Student's signature

Are tickets required for graduation?
It depends on the college and the size of the venue. Refer to the commencement website or contact the college directly.

What time is the commencement for my son's college?
Commencement schedules are posted as soon as they are available. Choose the schedule link from the left menu.

If my son is graduating with two majors, which ceremony do we attend?
If the majors are in the same college, there is only one ceremony. If the majors are in different colleges, you can choose to attend both ceremonies if they are held at different dates/times.

How does he apply to graduate?
Degree candidates must complete the online degree application by the deadline for the term. After the deadline, the university will send an email with instructions on how to verify degree application information, including how the student's name should appear on the diploma. Information on how to order commencement regalia is also included. Graduation Info.

How does he order a cap and a gown for commencement?
Academic regalia are reserved through the University Bookstore in the Reitz Union at 352-392-0194. Instructions and deadlines.

How many people can we invite to the ceremony?
Generally, tickets are not required and seating is on a first come basis. If the ceremony requires tickets, the college office will identify the number you can invite.

Can we take pictures?
Yes. Professional photography also is provided through the university. Refer to the information for parents and guests.

Will there be seating for the disabled?
Yes. Please refer to the information for parents and guests.

My daughter wants to participate in the ceremony but she still has classes to take. Is this permitted?
Only the student's college can approve commencement participation prior to or after the official degree certification.

How do I know if my son will be graduating with honors?
His college will determine graduation with honors. After final degree certification, the diploma and transcript will note the honors level. The honors citation in the commencement program is tentative, not official, because the program is printed before final grades are submitted.

Will he receive his diploma during the commencement ceremony?
No. Approximately three months after graduation, the university will mail diplomas to the permanent mailing address on your son's UF directory profile. He should verify that his mailing address is on file before leaving Gainesville.

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My son has been dismissed from the university for poor academic performance. When can he return to UF?
He must first contact an academic adviser in his college for initial review and advisement. If approved, he must apply for and be approved for readmission. He can also contact a readmissions counselor at 352-392-1365, ext. 7158, or come to 201 Criser Hall. More information is available on dismissal and readmission.

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Drop/Add and Withdrawal

How do you drop a course?
After the official period is over, students who need to adjust their schedules should contact their college for approval. College staff will process the change requested if approved. Drop/Add regulations.

What is the penalty for dropping a course?
Students who drop a course after drop/add will receive a grade of W (which will not affect the GPA) and they will be held fee liable for course fees.

Which dean must approve changes to registration after the drop/add deadline?
The dean of the college (or dean's office representative) offering the student's major.

Is a fee refund available?
There is no refund for courses dropped after the official drop/add period. Students who believe they have extraordinary circumstances may petition the University Committee for Student Petitions. Typically, students must demonstrate an advising or registration error on UF's part or demonstrate extenuating circumstances beyond their control.

Are students required to speak with an adviser?
Students planning to drop or add a course after the deadline must receive the approval of their college or department's advising office. Advisers routinely guide students through the process and advise them of potential risks and consequences.

Who is my son's academic adviser?
Every major has an undergraduate advising office.

What is the difference between a drop and a withdrawal?
A drop refers to dropping one or more courses while maintaining enrollment in other courses. Withdrawal refers to dropping all courses in a term. Dropping a course requires a college approval while a complete withdrawal requires a visit to the Office of the University Registrar in 222 Criser Hall.

After dropping a class this term, my daughter now is taking fewer than 12 hours. Is she still considered full-time for insurance purposes? Financial aid? Football tickets? Bright Futures?
Generally, yes. Courses dropped after the drop/add deadline with fee liability are included for enrollment status (i.e. full time, half time) verification. Students with Florida Bright Futures should review the policies regarding enrollment and pay-back requirements. In general, students should check with specific offices regarding their policies on dropped courses. International students should contact the International Center.

If my son withdraws, does that mean he has used up his two free drops?
All students should discuss this first with an academic adviser in their college.

What is a medical withdrawal?
The student should go to the Dean of Students Office in Peabody Hall after withdrawing through the Registrar's Office to determine the required documentation for a medical withydrawal. If the withdrawal is approved, the student's transcript will display W grades for the term and course fees may be refunded.

My daughter is not in Gainesville, so how can she withdraw? Who do we notify?
If the student is not currently in Gainesville, she can call the Registrar's Office before the deadline at 352-392-1374 to withdraw by phone. The Registrar's Office staff will need to speak directly to the student. After that conversation she will need to fax or mail a statement with the following information to 352-846-1126:

  • Statement of intent to withdraw from the semester (identify term and year)
  • Name
  • UFID
  • Signature and date
  • Photocopy of Gator 1 Card, passport, state ID or driver's license

Can students add a class after the drop/add deadline?
Students must petition their college. Permission of the instructor or department offering the course and the college dean's approval are required. In addition, graduate students need the approval of their department.

If my son has no more free drops, can he still drop a class?
Ultimately it is the college that determines the number of drops any student can have while enrolled at UF, as well as any procedures necessary. The student should talk with an adviser in his college before he begins the petition process.

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Financial Aid

Who can I talk to about my student's financial aid options?
Please contact the University of Florida's Office of Student Financial Affairs.

FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act)

What is FERPA?
FERPA is the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act that applies to all students enrolled in higher education. This law governs what student record information the university can disclose to a third party. For more FERPA questions and answers, refer to the privacy information for parents.

Can I receive progress updates of my daughter's grades during the term? (How is she doing so far?)
UF does not issue progress reports; at the completion of every term, final grades are available to students on ONE.UF. Students can contact their instructors directly at any time to discuss their academic progress.

Can I access my son's UF record?
To access your son's academic record, you must have the Office of the University Registrar (222 Criser Hall; 352-392-1374) mail or fax you a Parent's Request for Nondirectory Information Release. You must provide the completed form and a copy of the first and last page of your most recent federal income tax return.

In order for these documents to support a claim of dependancy, the first page must list the student as your dependent and the last page must be signed and dated; you can omit other financial information. The consent form and tax return will be imaged as part of the student's permanent record. A new request must be submitted for each term that information is requested, and IRS documentation must be provided annually for the university to continue to recognize the student as your dependent.

I am Jimmy's mother. I need to find him now. Please tell me his schedule so I can reach him.
You will need to contact the Dean of Students office for assistance in locating your son.

Where can my daughter find a list of student rights and responsibilities?
The Dean of Students Office publishes the student guide that includes student rights and responsibilities at the university.

Food on Campus

Who is the food service provider for campus and what dining options are available?
For information, please visit Gator Dining Services.

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General Education Requirements

Why didn't this transfer course count toward one of my daughter's general education requirements?
Your daughter must contact her college or the Academic Advising Center. Individual colleges determine how courses will be applied to satisfy general education and graduation requirements. The college advising office will adjust her degree audit if changes are warranted.

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Gordon Rule (Writing and Math Requirement)

What are the grade requirements to earn writing credit toward the writing requirement?
Course grades have two components. Professors will indicate whether or not students met the writing requirement AND will assign a course grade. Therefore, to receive writing credit students must receive a grade of C or higher AND satisfactory completion of the writing component. It is possible not to meet the writing requirement and still pass the class. Students should review their degree audits after receiving their grades to verify receipt of credit for the writing component.

How can my son know if a course will fulfill the university's writing or math requirement?
Your son should check the schedule of courses to determine if a specific course/section meets this requirment.

My son is in a course with a lot of writing but it is not listed as fulfilling the writing requirement. Can he request that it count?
Your son should contact the General Education Committee to discuss whether there is an option to petition for the writing credit.

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My daughter received failing grades because she didn't complete the semester. How can she get these grades removed from her permanent record?
Your daughter will need to complete a university petition to request to withdraw retroactively from the semester, and submit it to the University Student Petition Committee.

My son believes that his grade in a course is incorrect. How can he correct the error?
If your son believes the grade is in error, he must contact the instructor of the course for resolution. If the instructor feels the grade is incorrect, the instructor (never the student) must initiate a grade change.

Grade changes can take up to four weeks to complete because of the multiple approvals required. After the instructor initiates a grade change, the department and the college must approve the change before the Registrar's Office can alter the student's record.

The Registrar's Office will notify the student by email once the grade change is processed (within three working days). Your son then can verify the grade change by viewing his transcript on ONE.UF.

My son received a C- in one of the courses needed to meet general education requirements. How will that impact this requirement?
General education course requirements must receive a grade of C (2.0) or better in order to fulfill the requirement. A grade of C- (1.67) will not meet the requirement. Grades and grading policies.

Why didn't my daughter get her grades in the mail?
Grades are not mailed. Grades are available on ONE.UF the Tuesday evening after commencement by viewing the unofficial transcript. By the Wednesday after commencement students can request official transcripts with final grades and any accompanying remarks such as degrees awarded. A financial hold can prevent viewing of grades and requests for transcripts.

Why did my son get an NG, an I or an N* grade in a course?
The course instructor assigns incomplete (I) grades. A grade of N* or NG indicates that the instructor has not submitted a grade. In both cases, your son should contact the instructor or the department offering the course to find out how to correct the grade. Incomplete grade policies.

What does the term probation mean? Probation can refer to two things regarding a student's academic record:

  • The college can place a student on academic probation when the student is not making satisfactory progress toward a degree.
  • Students also will be placed on academic probation if their cumulative grade point average falls below a 2.0 with fewer than 15 deficit points. Once the grade point average reaches 2.0 or higher with no deficit points, the probation will be removed.
  • Academic probation and deficit points.

What does the term dismissal mean?
The university uses the term dismissal to denote unsatisfactory academic progress. Students are dismissed from the university when their cumulative grade point average drops below 2.0 and they have 15 or more deficit points. They are not eligible to enroll again until they apply for readmission by the deadline and are approved by the college.

A complete explanation of academic dismissal is available in the academic progress section of the undergraduate catalog.

Conduct probations can also result in suspension from the university. Student Code of Conduct.

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How can I find out if a hold has been placed on my daughter's account?
Students can view information about any holds on their records, what the hold prevents (registration etc.) and which office to contact with questions, through ONE.UF.

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Late Charges

How can my son petition a late registration charge or a late payment fee?

Late registration fees are petitioned in the Office of the University Registrar. Your son must complete a petition to waive late registration fee and submit it along with appropriate documentation to 222 Criser. The Petitions Office will review the request and make a decision within 5-7 working days.

Petitions for waiver of late payment fees are made to University Bursar in 113 Criser.

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My daughter wants to change her major. Where can she get the forms?
The Office of the University Registrar does not process major changes or have the forms to do so. The college dean's office handles this process and the necessary paperwork.

If the new major is within the current college, your daughter should see an adviser in her dean's office. If the new major is offered in another college, your daughter should contact an adviser in that dean's office.

How does my daughter add a minor?
She must complete an application to add a minor, obtain the signatures of her current dean and the dean of the college offering the minor and submit the completed form to the Office of the University Registrar in 222 Criser.

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Name and Number Changes

How does my daughter change her name and/or social security number on her academic record?
She must come to the Registrar information counter in 222 Criser to request the form to change a name or social security number. Social security number changes require a copy of the social security card; the Registrar's Office may also contact the Social Security Administration to verify the number. Name changes require a certified copy of the official court document verifying the name change. These documents must be mailed directly to us from the certifying office. The Registrar's Office will give your daughter a form to take or to send to the Clerk of the Court office.

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How can I be sure that my son is attending class?
The Registrar's Office does not maintain attendance information.

Who is my son's financial aid adviser?
You will have to contact the financial aid office at 352-392-1275.

How secure is campus? What can my daughter do if she must be on campus late at night?
The university recognizes that campus safety and security are shared responsibilities. The university provides lighting throughout campus, bus service is available all day, every day, and the 90-member University Police Department is on continuous patrol. The Student Nighttime Auxilliary Patrol (SNAP) offers free nightly escorts anywhere on campus. The service is provided on request and is staffed by students equipped and supervised by the university police department.

How does my son sign up for football tickets?

For ticket office inquiries, call 800-344-2867 (800-34GATOR).

How can my daughter apply for a scholarship?

How/where can my son sign up for tutoring help?
Walk-ins and scheduled tutoring appointments are welcome at UF's Teaching Center. Lots of subjects are offered.

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Parking on Campus

Where can I obtain information on student parking and visitor parking?
Please refer to University Transportation and Parking Services.


What is a University Student Petition?
A university student petition refers to the process a student uses to request waiver of a university policy. Final authority for waivers of university regulations rests with the University Committee on Student Petitions. The committee's decision is final. It is the responsibility of the Registrar's Office to foward the information provided by the student to the committee and to report the committee's decision. The office has no authority to influence the committee.

Who is on the petitions committee? Can students and parents speak with them?
The committee consists of UF faculty and staff. They are not available to speak with students or parents. If a student has questions, he or she should contact the Registrar's Office.

What if the committee does not decide in my son's favor? What can he do?
If the petition is denied, he may speak with the University Ombuds at 352-392-1308.

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How does my daughter find out if she has met the prerequisites for a class?
She can check the catalog or talk to the department offering the course.

If she was able to register for the class without the appropriate prerequisite, it is her responsibility to correctly adjust her course schedule during registration or drop/add.

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Proof of Enrollment/Letter of Good Standing

My insurance company needs proof that my son is enrolled at UF. How do I obtain this information?

The Office of the University Registrar provides official verification of enrollment. The form identifies the student's name, class and college, major, dates of current term and enrollment status. Requests can be made through The National Student Clearinghouse or they can be made to the Registrar's Office either in person or on ONE.UF.

  • The National Student Clearinghouse can provide enrollment and degree information for a minimal fee
  • Requests to the Registrar's Office can be made in person at 222 Criser Hall if a student presents a picture ID such as the Gator 1 Card. The request will be processed while the student waits.
  • Enrollment verifications can be mailed by ordering online through ONE.UF. The verification generally goes out in the next business day's mail.

Enrollment verifications are available after drop/add for currently enrolled students. UF cannot certify enrollment for future terms, but the university can provide an intent to attend statement based on the student's advance registration.

My daughter was told she could not get verification of her enrollment until after drop/add. Why? She is not planning to drop any courses.
The university cannot verify enrollment while students still have the option to change their schedules. Most students do not adjust or finalize their schedules until the first days of class.

Can the Registrar's Office fax proof of enrollment to my insurance company?
To protect the confidential nature of student record information and because faxed information is not often considered official, we will not fax any student record information other than directory information.

My insurance company has a form they would like the Registrar's Office to complete. Can you do that?
The Registrar's Office provides its own enrollment certification form, which has been designed to provide a range of information needed on a variety of forms routinely requested by numerous agencies. The form enables us to process requests more quickly than completing each agency's unique form. Most agencies readily accept UF's verification form.

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Where can my son access a current course list before registration?
The schedule of courses is available on the Registrar Services website.

When can my daughter register for next semester?
Please refer to the schedule of courses for registration dates and information.

How are registration appointments determined?
Registration appointments are based on the number of credit hours the student has completed. Students with the most credit hours receive registration priority. This ensures that students who are close to completing their degrees have the best registration options for their remaining courses.

My son cannot get into a course he needs to graduate. What should he do?
He should contact the department offering the course to see if they can accommodate him. If the department is not able to help, he should contact his academic adviser.

What does DEPT mean? Why can't my daughter register online for these courses?
Registration for courses with DEPT section numbers is controlled by the department offering the course. Students cannot register for these courses until they receive department approval. Your daughter should contact that department.

How can my son get an earlier registration appointment?
Registration start times cannot be changed. Appointments are scheduled automatically according to the student's credit hour total.

The system regulates the number of students registering concurrently and ensures that all students have fair and equal opportunity to build their class schedules.

My daughter needs help with registration.
There are a number of advising resources available to her. She can contact her college advising office or the department offering the course.

If she experiences technical difficulties while registering, she can call the UF help desk at 392-HELP (352-392-4357) or she can access www.helpdesk.ufl.edu.

She can also call the Registrar's Office at 352-392-1374, ext.7237. Honors students should contact the Honors Office at 352-392-1519. 343 Infirmary.

My son's computer is not set up and he needs to register.
Registration requires computer access. Any CIRCA lab on campus is available to students.

When is ONE.UF available?
7:00 a.m. to 4:30 a.m. EST, Monday through Saturday and 10:00 a.m. to 4:30 a.m. Sunday. Check each term's schedule of courses for availability of specific registration functions. Regularly scheduled maintenance will require that ONE.UF go offline for short periods of time.

How can I get my daughter registered this term?
If she is a current UF student, she should register online at her scheduled time. If she needs to know when to register, she can check her status on ONE.UF under Registration Preparation.

If she is not a current UF student, she must contact the UF Office of Admissions.

My son adjusted his schedule during drop/add and ONE.UF assigned him a later appointment time. What happened?
During the first three days of drop/add, all schedule adjustment appointment times are organized by the student's current registration. When your son adjusted his schedule and logged out of ONE.UF, the system assigned a time based on his new registration. The system regulates registration attempts to allow all students a fair and equal opportunity to complete their final course schedules.

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Repeat Course Fee

What is a repeat course fee?
In Fall 1997, the State University System implemented a course fee surcharge. All students, regardless of classification or residency status, who repeat an undergraduate course taken at UF three or more times will be subject to a surcharge of 100% of the full cost of instruction. This fee is calculated annually.

The surcharge is intended to discourage repeating courses unnecessarily. The fee can be petitioned under certain extenuating circumstances. Students should visit 222 Criser Hall for clarification and University Bursar in 113 Criser, 352-392-0181, for billing questions. More information is available in the tuition and fees brochure under tuition fee assessment.

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How does my son become a Florida resident?
Residency for tuition purposes is determined upon admission to UF. Students who are not Florida residents at the time of admission must apply to change residency status if they subsequently meet the legal requirements for Florida residency. Please be aware, however, that living in or attending school in Florida will not, in itself, establish legal residence for tuition purposes.

A request to change residency status is available in 222 Criser and must be submitted to that office along with appropriate documentation by the fee payment deadline for the term requested.

My son was incorrectly charged out-of-state fees. How can I fix this?
If this is his first term at UF, he will need to contact the Office of Admissions at 352-392-1365.

If he is a continuing student, he must contact the Registrar's Office. Students who want to change their residency status must submit a change of residency request. This process does not happen automatically. Residency change requests are due by the fee payment deadline of the term the change is requested to take place.

My son lives in Florida with a relative who is a permanent resident. Does this qualify for in-state tuition? Most likely, no. Your son, not the relative, will have to present evidence that HE meets the legal requirements for residency.

We own property in Florida. Will that allow our son to pay in-state tuition? Most likely, no. Your son, not you, will have to present evidence that HE meets the legal requirements for residency or YOU would have to demonstrate that Florida is your primary residence if your dependent son were to qualify for in-state tuition.

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Student Health Care Center

Where can I locate information on student health care?
Please refer to the Student Health Care Center.

S/U (Pass/Fail)

How does my daughter take a class pass/fail?
She will need the S/U application, available in 222 Criser Hall. The application must be submitted by the deadline for the term and with all required approvals.

How does a grade of S or U affect my son's GPA?
Courses taken pass/fail do not affect a student's GPA, but if an S is earned, course credit will be indicated on the transcript and count as hours earned.

What grade is considered passing with the S/U option?
A grade of S is equal to a grade of C or better.

Are there any courses my daughter cannot or should not take pass/fail?
Courses taken to fulfill the general education and the writing and math requirements cannot be taken S/U. Since college approval is required to take courses S/U, your daughter should discuss this in advance with an academic adviser.

Can my daughter change the pass/fail option to a letter grade if she is doing well in the course?
No. Once the S/U option is approved, students cannot revert to a letter grade.

Can my son apply for the S/U option after the deadline?
Yes, with approval by petition. Forms are available in 222 Criser.

Undergraduate students must petition their college dean's office. They must submit an approved University Petition Summary and Action form and a completed S/U option form to the Office of the University Registrar by the last day of classes.

Graduate students must petition the Graduate School in Grinter Hall. They must submit an approved S/U option form with all appropriate signatures to the Office of the University Registrar.

How many courses can my son take with the S/U option?
Subject to degree program and department guidelines, he can take one elective course S/U each term in addition to courses that are taught only on an S/U basis.

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How can I get a copy of my daughter's transcript?
Your daughter can do this online using ONE.UF or she can come to 222 Criser Hall and pick one up and mail it to you.

How can my son request his transcripts?
The easiest way is for him to order his official transcripts on ONE.UF and make payment with a credit card. He can also place an order on ONE.UF in the 222 Criser Hall computer lab to pick up transcripts in person (with photo ID) or he can have us mail them to him or to a third party. More transcript info.

What is the difference between an electronic and a mailed transcript?
Transcripts that are sent by Florida institutions to UF are sent electronically as are UF transcripts sent to other institutions' admissions offices. This should not be confused with email. If the student requires that an official transcript be sent to a graduate program or a specific department or individual, the transcript cannot be sent electronically; it must be mailed or delivered by the student.

How many transcripts can my son request?
He can order as many as he wants. When ordering transcripts in person at the Registrar's Office, however, we may have to limit the number of transcripts in order to serve other students waiting in line at the information counter in 222 Criser Hall. Students can order as many transcripts as they need, and they can be mailed to them or to a third-party(ies).

How much do transcripts cost?
$6.00 per transcript for current students and $12.00 per transcript for students who have not been enrolled for more than one semester.

Can someone else pick up my daughter's transcript?
Third parties must have a notarized letter, release of information or power of attorney from the student, stating that they are authorized to obtain the transcript or academic record. The individual named in the documents must show valid identification when they pick up the transcript. In addition, a check made payable to the University of Florida is required at time of pick up; credit card payment cannot be accepted.

My son needs a transcript, but he has a hold on his record. Can he still get a transcript today?
No. Transcripts are not available to students with holds on their records. Although we make every attempt to inform students that we cannot issue transcripts if they have a hold, it is the student's responsibility to check ONE.UF and to clear any holds before they order transcripts. If the hold is cleared within 60 days of the order, the transcript will be processed automatically. If the hold is not cleared, any payment received will be forfeited and a new request with payment will be required.


Will I recieve a tuition bill?
For information on deadlines and calculating tuition, please visit University Bursar. Individual student information can be accessed from the Financial Services link on ONE.UF.

Withdrawal from Classes

My daughter needs to withdraw this semester. What needs to be done?
Please follow the withdrawal procedures.

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