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College Advising Offices

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Each college has academic advisers who are there to assist you. Please contact the appropriate UF adviser before you apply to or change a major, since many majors require additional admission materials that must be sent directly to them.

Accounting (AC)

Agricultural and Life Sciences (AG)
Contact the appropriate department faculty adviser.

Building Construction (BC)

Business Administration (BA)

Dentistry (DN)

Design, Construction and Planning (AR)

Education (ED)

Engineering (EG)
Contact the appropriate program adviser.
Advising appointments are required before registration.

Fine Arts (FA)

Forest Resources and Conservation (FY, in CALS)

Health and Human Performance (HH)

Journalism and Communications (JM)

Liberal Arts and Sciences (Advising about tracking requirements, university and college requirements, minors, double majors/dual degrees, combined degrees, etc.)

Liberal Arts and Sciences (Advising about specific major requirements, major courses and opportunities within the major)
Contact individual department advising offices.

Pre-Health Advising
Future Medical Students

Natural Resources and Environment (NE, in CALS)

Nursing (NR)

Pharmacy (PH, PD)
Contact the appropriate department faculty adviser.

Physician Assistant Program
Pre-Health Advising

Public Health and Health Professions

Veterinary Medicine (VM)
Contact the appropriate department or program adviser.

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