Solutions to Common Problems

Instructions for Disabling the QuickTime Plugin

This is the most common problem since a default installation of QuickTime includes a TIFF viewer that does not support multipage TIFFs. For instructions on how to disable only the Quick Time TIFF file association click here.

Image Download is of Unknown File Type

This is found when IE doesn't have a handler registered for the content type that normally relates the content type to a file extension. If you press the find button in the Download window you are taken to a microsoft page that states that "Windows does not recognize this MIME type."

Even though the file is presented from the webserver with the correct content-Type HTTP Header (image/tiff), the computer doesn't know what to do with the Content-Type or Internet Explorer is checking the file and doesn't believe that it is image/tiff.

The easiest solution is to set the following registry key on the computer:

[HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\MIME\Database\Content Type\image/tiff]

Or, click here, choose Save Target/link As and choose the desktop as the location. Then Run, or Open, the file.

Open Button Grayed-out

This is commonly found when IE 6 was installed over a previous version. This is a known issue for Microsoft and was resolved in IE service pack 1. If you install SP1, it seems to solve the problem. If you need a copy, then visit the Microsoft website.

Microsoft has documented these problems as Issues After You Install Updates to Internet Explorer or Windows. To correct this problem refer to Microsoft Knowledge Base Articles Q319829 and Q325192.

The Document Cannot be Opened. The Document Name is Invalid

If this happens, empty the temporary internet files folder.

Kodak Imaging Preview Opens Instead of Just Imaging

This is only a problem if you want to see the thumbnail view.

  1. Click File, and choose Open image for Editing.
  2. If the Open image for Edit box pops up, choose yes and that's it.
  3. If no Open image for Edit box opens, click Tools from the editing Menu bar and choose General Options.
  4. Click the Imaging button and a box should pop up letting you know that you're done.

Errors Encountered by Content Manager When a User is Not an Administrator

If you set up your users with out Power User or Administrator privileges, here are a list of the error message you can expect to see when the users access the Imaging system.

NTFS Modification Privilege for c:\windows\frnwview.cfg, if it doesn't exist. download now.

Registry Full Control Privilege for "HKLM\Software\Classes\CLSID\{7E34F620-26F9-101B-818D-04021C009402}"structure.

Registry Full Control Privilege for "HKLM\Software\Classes\Viewer.Document" structure.